- Jonty Rhodes
- Vijay Kadam

"We had our second baby with Dr. Dhurandhar and midwives Lina and Alli. I was keen on having a water birth especially since we were expecting a cleft affected baby and going natural would have been the best option for both the baby and me.

Dr. Dhurandhar was supportive and positive about our choices in spite of the situation, which inspired a lot of confidence in us. We were fortunate enough to find him and his team since a pregnancy like ours could have easily gone down a very medical route.

I firmly believe that the undisturbed birth of my daughter amongst other things in our birth plan have contributed towards having a temperamentally calm baby and a speedy postpartum recovery.

I highly recommend Dr. Ameet Dhurandhar and his team to all mothers seeking an empowering and positive birth experience."

- Nameeta Sohoni

I was recommended to consult Dr. Ameet Dhurandhar by a friend who was consulting him around the time I conceived for the second time. And I will forever be thankful to her for that. I was very keen on having a natural, intervention-free birth this time around, especially since I wasn't lucky in that sense during the birth of my first child.

Dr. Dhurandhar and the team of midwives (Lina Duncan and Nhing Castillo) have been extremely supportive and encouraging throughout my pregnancy, labour and delivery. Post delivery, I received a lot of happily surprised responses from family and friends for having successfully undergone a natural vaginal birth after a C-section. I have only Dr. Ameet, Lina and Nhing to thank, for supporting my decision and helping me go through with it. It wouldn't have been possible without them being by my side.

The experience of a successful waterbirth is something that I will cherish for life.

- Archana Rao Ballary

I still cherish my empowering birth experience & would like to share my story with those who believe in being informed, who believe in beingst this story is to spread awareness about the evidence based birth practices & midwifery care... Its indeed shameful how people disrespect this noble profes able to decide the plan of this most important event of life, who believe in being loved, cared & respected in labor, who believe in the word NATURAL. My aim to posion... I bow down to all the qualified midwives... Hopefully my story should turn fruitful for someone.

- Esha Jain

David & i, french expatriates, would like to recommend Dr. Ameet Dhurandhar we trusted him for my pregnancy or any gynaec matter and even more!

Dr. Ameet was always available for me, listening to my mood and matters, finding the right solution for each moment of my pregnancy. We never saw a Doctor following his patients with so much availability, kindliness and passion, he gave us confidence during my pregnancy and everything ran well thanks for all and we wish him all the best!


"My birth was beautiful

I delivered my second baby with dr Ameet Dhurandhar in november 2014 n the whole birthing experience was really 'calm' and much different from the first one. I feel like it was the best decision i made to deliver with dr Dhurandhar. He is very knowledgeable and unlike other gynaecs who barely give 5 minutes during consultations, dr Ameet connects with you and is willing to listen to your worries about birthing and pregnancy. I wanted to try for a normal delivery after having had a Ceasarean and he let me do that unlike so many other docs these days. After my second delivery, i realised that birthing is a very beautiful experience and selecting the right caregiver is the first step to it. Kudos to Dr Ameet for supporting gentle birthing and respecting women's choices regarding birthing."

- Bhavya Goyai

Dr Ameet has been my caregiver for both my pregnancies. For the second one he was the obvious choice. I came to know of Dr Ameet from Lina Duncan (midwife) during my first pregnancy. I consulted him around my 8th month, I had already consulted 4 obstetricians before that. I'm so glad I finalized on him. He is the most chilled out obstetrician I have come across. He respects the birth plan, understands the role of the midwife and supports natural and gentle birth.

- Mansi Asthi

"After searching all throughout India to find a doctor who would respect my birth plan, we met Dr. Ameet and his midwife team. They made sure I was informed and had the best medical facility to deliver our baby in a natural, undisturbed, water birth. I was lucky I found such a supportive and world class doctor, because, I believe it made all the difference in my positive birth experience."

- Sarah Hansen

I was looking for a change from my previous hospital and looking for natural and undisturbed birthing procedures when I was recommended Dr. Ameet. From the first appointment I found an extremely reassuring and caring professional who addressed all my concerns. It was comforting to come across a doctor who would go the extra length to call me and check if everything was okay and on track. Although last miniute I had to have a C Section it was reassuring to know I was in extremely capable hands. Thank you Dr. Ameet for taking such excellent care of me and my son.

- Sushmita Nair

I started consulting with Dr. Ameet a little later in to my pregnancy. I'm so glad I did. The first thing that struck me about him is that he is so supportive, patient and calm. And that came through in my birthing experience. I could do the gentle, intervention-free, drug-free, water birth I so wanted to experience with his support. I wouldn't recommend it any other way.

- Rithika Ramesh
- Florence