For the Mother


Decreases Pain

Countless research studies confirm the perception of pain for women who use water as a medium for childbirth is reduced by 40-60%, thus reducing the use of Analgesics (pain killers). This is partly due to the soothing effect of water on the nerve endings in the lower back region that helps decrease the heightened sensation in the abdominal area.

Enhanced Relaxation

If a mother is relaxed during the birthing process, her body will produce 'feel good' hormones known as endorphins, making this process pain and stress free. When the mother is not fearful, oxytocin is released to help rhythmic uterine contractions. The relaxed mother also maximizes placental oxygen perfusion. However if the mother is stressed, her body will excessively produce hormones such as adrenaline, noradrenaline, or catecholamines (fight or flight reaction), and this is not desirable during childbirth.

Reduces blood pressure

The relaxing effect of water on a mother's body reduces anxiety that in turn aids in creating a tranquil atmosphere, and this is advantageous to hypertensive mothers.


Buoyancy helps a great deal during childbirth. If the mother has the ability to move freely, assuming any position, less pressure is put onto her uterus. When her buoyancy is increased, various birthing diameters are also increased which help open up the pelvis making this extremely useful in giving birth to larger babies.

Speeds up labor

Birthing in water is known to shorten the process. When the mother's muscles and body is relaxed, her cervical dilatation rate and effacement is increased, her contractions are quickened and the baby is able to move down swiftly through the birth canal.

Gives the mother a dignified and respectful space

A water birthing mother has absolute control over her environment whether it be choice of music and lighting, aroma therapy, and the people in the room, she will take the lead on creating a peaceful and happy space for her birthing experience.

Gentle Birthing

Water not only helps the mother with the birth process, but also helps ease the baby from the mother's womb into this world, allowing for a serene transition. The baby goes from amniotic fluid from the mother's womb to sterile water in the pool that is beneficial to the baby's gentle acclimatization.

Decreases Perineal Tear

The chance of a perineal tear is considerably reduced during Water Birth. The ability for the mother to assume any comfortable position helps to increase elasticity on the perineal muscles thereby reducing the odds of tearing. Even if a tear occurs, it is usually a small one.

For the Baby

  • Enhanced Fetal Oxygenation
  • Gentle Transition
  • Less Birth trauma
  • Relaxed and Peacefully environment
  • Reduced sensory stimuli
  • Skin to Skin contact

    Benefits of Swimming

  • Improved physical growth
  • Improved cognitive function such as memory and attention.